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Don’t just monetize your content…


Our Proprietary  Quantum Demand™  technology was created
by publishers, for publishers to optimize revenues.

Quantum Demand™

 Quantum Demand™ is the only multi-channel demand technology on the market which increases demand without affecting performance or user experience.

AMP Your Revenue

Publishers are always looking for the next great way to scale revenue without compromising user experience. At AdMetricsPro we focus on growing your earnings with our proprietary Quantum Demand™ technology. This proprietary system allows us to dynamically insert multi-channel demand while maximizing site performance.

Understand Your Revenue

How granular is your data? Having started as publishers ourselves, we know just how important it is to have accurate, granular reporting. Having the “right metrics” allows you to make informed decisions on how best to grow your profitability. We provide simple and straightforward reporting, including detailed data designed to help you grow your business.


Implementation is simple, we generate code snippets and you add them to your website.


Our expert monetization team is continually optimizing your advertising inventory to AMP your revenue.


Dedicated support team provided to all our publisher partners.


You can rely on accurate and transparent reporting from AdMetricsPro.

Built By Publishers, For Publishers

AdMetricsPro is the product of Mike Theodore. As a long time website site owner, he spent years trying to navigate the world of digital advertising only to find that the entire industry is set up to put advertisers first and site owners second.

So, he made it his mission to develop Quantum Demand™, a technology that gives you, the website owner the advantage. Quantum Demand™ allows you to maximize your advertising revenue so you can focus on growing your traffic and creating great content.

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear what other publishers have to say.

Deciding who should monetize your content is a big decision. That’s why you should do your research on all of the options that are available. Here are just some of the things that other publishers have to say about working with AdMetricsPro.

Not quite ready to apply? 

If you’re not ready to apply take advantage of our complementary monetization audit. You can schedule a call with a member of our monetization team to audit your current strategy and see what Quantum Demand™ can do for you.