mobile advertising
A Mobile Shift In Online Advertising

With more and more internet users incorporating ad blocking software into their browsing experience every day, online advertisers are taking hits to their bottom line across the board. That’s not to say browser advertising is no longer lucrative, far from it. However, the world’s biggest…

How To Beat Ad Blockers
How Online Publishers Can Beat Ad Blockers

Ad blockers have been a thorn in the side of publishers and advertisers since their inception. They can cut into revenue like an anvil through cheesecake. In 2016, both publishers and advertisers suffered a more than $20bn loss in revenue due to users utilizing ad…

Why Use Header Bidding Wrappers
Why Use Header Bidding Wrappers?

Header bidding is an exciting technology that typically increases ad revenue for publishers by double digits. However, some publishers are hesitant to make the change from waterfall bidding to header bidding because they fear that it will increase page latency. Header bidding wrappers eliminate the…

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