How AdMetricsPro Does Header Bidding Better

Header bidding has quickly picked up momentum as a publisher-preferred method to quickly increase ad revenue. For those who aren’t familiar with the practice, header bidding is the practice of auctioning off ad space before a webpage loads to several advertisers, simultaneously. One benefit of this approach for advertisers is that they are able to see the format of the webpage prior to page load and bid on the ad space they see as most attractive. Additionally, advertisers are able to set their price ahead of time based on the inventory they find most attractive and within their price range. Ads are then served whenever advertiser bid range and publisher inventory price meet. This arrangement allows advertisers to be connected with premium publishers in a way that traditional waterfall networks could never do with static tags. The practice is also preferable to publishers since the inventory for sale is auctioned on a per-impression basis, rather than in batches with static tags from a non-header bidding demand source.

a diagram of the header bidding flow
Header bidding is the practice of auctioning off ad space before a webpage loads to several advertisers, simultaneously.

Publishers interested in header bidding should be aware of the many pros and cons surrounding the practice prior to implementation.

Know Your Ad Solution Provider

Publishers just getting to know header bidding will need to understand what makes a good head bidding solution. Not all providers will have their own proprietary wrappers and implementation practices, many will focus on single demand partners or a single exchange, instead of a custom solution that incorporates multi-exchange sources. This can be a major drawback for publishers if the provider is more loyal to their demand sources instead of driving higher fill rates by sources across several different exchanges for their publishers.

AdMetricsPro makes its mission to serve publishers first and foremost and to provide a multi-sourced agnostic demand solution that is proven to deliver high fill rates with consistent results. Using the real-estate analogy, AdMetricsPro would be comparable to a sellers’ agent while most other ad solutions actually represent the advertisers and thus are buyers’ agent. AdMetricsPro was built by publishers for publishers.

Being focused on bringing the very best value to publishers, AdMetricsPro adds new buying ad partners to its network every month and invests heavily in keeping its technology at the forefront of the industry. AdMetricsPro is a publishers’ best tool when it comes to managing an ad solution that maximizes ad revenue and increases the programmatic fill rate.

Know Your Header Bidding Costs Upfront

When it comes to header bidding solutions, implementing effective wrappers can cost more than you might think. Not only do effective solutions cost sizably upfront upon implementation, but the maintenance costs persist well after implementation has concluded. Most publishers will find a given header bidding solution takes anywhere from 100’s to 10,000’s of hours to implement properly depending on size and scope of a publisher’s operation and the intricacy of their solution. Deploying such an extensive solution is risky and disrupting to a company’s core mission.

an image of a model harrying a large dollar sign.
Not only do effective solutions cost sizably upfront upon implementation, but the maintenance costs persist well after implementation has concluded.

Paying header bid architects and developers can easily reach into the hundreds of thousands of dollars for implementation, not to mention the associated monthly maintenance costs that follow. This is all assuming the implementation is completed and completed without issue.

Furthermore, regardless of the scale of the investment to develop this technology it doesn’t bring the value-add of existing solutions, which also provide years of experiences and industry relationships.
AdMetricsPro provides the most cost-effective solution for small and large publishers alike by providing a fully optimized and maintained technology stack, regularly adding new ad partners, constantly working with ad partners to represent its publishers’ interests. In a nutshell, AdMetricsPro takes away the heavy lifting of header bidding so that its publishers can focus on their mission of creating great content.

Custom Header Bidding Wrappers

Header bidding wrappers get rid of the task of one-off set-ups for each demand source. By consolidating the task with code that incorporates multiple demand sources at once, publishers can cut down significantly on page load and overall performance shortcomings that come with a one-off approach to header bidding. AdMetricsPro proprietary wrappers are designed to save you time by uniting demand sources into one implementation. The benefits are felt immediately with increased overall RPMs, ad revenues, and fill rates from each header bid demand source.

The benefits of custom header bidding wrappers are felt immediately with increased overall RPMs, ad revenues, and fill rates from each header bid demand source.

Some solution providers utilize open source header bidding wrappers which are available to anyone and basic features and capabilities. As a result, open-source wrappers can emerge as generalist solutions compared to proprietary wrappers. Proprietary wrappers are optimized to fit within an overall technology stack to provide value-add in terms of efficiency, reliability, and competitive advantage. AdMetricsPro’s proprietary header bidding technology is one of the most robust in the market and has the most direct wrappers connected directly to advertisers and ad exchanges.

Having multiple wrappers enables AdMetricsPro to tap into a very large pool of advertisers, guaranteeing a maximum number of bids for each ad auction. This, in turn, has multiple benefits. First, it forces bid prices up as advertisers compete for the publisher’s ad space. Second, it guarantees to reduce latency while maximizing fill rate. It does so by forcing advertisers to turn in their bids within very short time constraint requirements and since there is a large demand AdMetricsPro still provides close to a 95% fill rate. Third, having such a large pool of direct channels to advertisers further demonstrates AdMetricsPro’s dedication to remaining advertiser agnostic and reinforces its mission and commitment to its publishers. AdMetricsPro prides itself on being the only ad solution provider that represents the publisher’s interest, first and foremost.

Additional Things to Look For In Header Bidding Solution

Here’s a brief list of some essential points to also consider when implementing header bidding:

Ease of use

Whether a publisher is looking for a solution that is ready to use out of the box or can handle a bit of work leading up to implementation, what ultimately sets most providers apart from others is how approachable the header bidding solution is in terms of use. Finding a solution that is comfortable and puts the tools a publisher needs right in front of them without any hassle is going to be a preferable choice. AdMetricsPro, for instance, provides all the heavy lifting so that publishers do not have anything to do other than add the code snippets to their code base, providing publishers with an experience very comparable to AdSense.

Page Latency

While widely criticized as a detriment to page load times, header bidding more than makes up for any latency with increased revenue for publishers. That being said, some solutions are less of a detriment than others. Shopping around to find the best provider for your header bidding will pay off in the long run. In short, don’t sacrifice revenue now for a quick implementation or low up-front cost to get up and running. As mentioned above, one of AdMetricsPro value-add is to be able to provide optimum customer experience while maximizing revenue. It guarantees the best possible experience by ensuring page latency is quasi-nonexistent by forcing advertisers to submit bids under a one-second time frame.

Data Visibility and Analytics

When all is said and done, publishers want to know how well their implementations are performing. The easiest way to get a handle on this is through a unified analytics system and solid data visibility. Consolidation and transparency are essential when it comes to quality solutions and publishers are demanding more and more out of their analytics every day. For instance, AdMetricsPro provides a custom publisher dashboard which integrates with Google Analytics and showcases gross revenue in full transparency.


When selecting an ad solution partner, you want to be sure to understand the level of service you will get. Many ad providers sign up publishers simply to add more targeted audience to their advertisers and don’t offer any services to publishers. AdMetricsPro, for instance, provides its publishers with white glove on-boarding, ad placement optimization audit, a direct communication line to an account representative, transparent dashboard and ad reporting tools.


In conclusion, selecting your strategy to build versus buy your ad bidding solution is a very strategic one and asking the right questions is key. The rewards are great but so can the costs.

Our promise at AdMetricsPro is that we will always represent publishers, first and foremost. We will work tirelessly to provide the best and most optimized solution to maximize our publishers’ ad revenue.

Here is a recap of AdMetricsPro’s main value adds:

– Maximize ad revenues (our publishers average RPMs in 2017 were between $6 and $16RPM)
– Low latency (our publishers have seen their traffic increase since working with AdMetricsPro)
– Full revenue reporting transparency
– Prompt payments
– Ad reporting tools
– Dedicated Ad-Ops representative
– No upfront or maintenance costs
– Minimal developer resources required

Pick your ad solution carefully, get informed. Schedule a call with the AdMetricsPro team today and we’ll provide you with a free site audit.

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