Quantum Demand

Prebid just isn’t good enough!

After years of seeking out a unique monetization technology, we came to the conclusion that most if not all ad networks are monetizing sites from the same few demand sources and knew it was time for a change. With the advent of header bidding technology there was a performance improvement but due to limitations with browser-side auctions, there were limitations on the number of demand sources that can compete without affecting UX.

Quantum Demand ™

We wanted to develop a new way of adding in-demand sources without affecting user experience or maxing out the user’s browser and slowing down the site. This led us to develop Quantum Demand™ which is our patent pending solution utilizing the first multi-channel demand tech to scale your revenue today. Our clients currently utilizing Quantum Demand™ are experiencing on average 200%-500% increases in revenue. This is not your standard prebid, its Quantum Demand™.

***Quantum Demand™ is a proprietary and patent-pending technology that can’t be found with any other monetization platform.***

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